Jerusalem Names

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A livre d’artiste in homage to Jerusalem and an artistic and intellectual combination of calligraphy, painting and research. Jerusalem dwells in many dimensions and is a source of inspiration to many. It has inspired the finest poets, beginning with King David, and has given visionaries the explanation they have sought for their very own existence Starting with the seventy known names of Jerusalem from traditional sources, Boussidan has revealed no less than 391 names given to the city by Jews, including contemporary poets and other enthusiasts and believers who have found their roots in Jerusalem. Boussidan worked on the book for eight years. The silk-prints alone took one year and a half. To ensure quality printing, the paper was hand-made especially for the book according to the artist’s directions. Each sheet bears a watermark of the book’s emblem – a representation of the City of David, City of the Dove, Navel of the World. All the texts are in English and in Hebrew.
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