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Mixed Media of Allegory Paintings (Mainly Oil on Canvas, Pastels and more)

Dismantling the cross 108 x 152 cm april 2023

Dismantling the Cross
When I was a toddler, my father passed away. One of my earliest memories is of my mother sewing garments at night for the Red Cross.  Every day, my mother took me to the Convent for Orphaned Children in Port Said, Egypt. While being exposed to Christianity on a daily basis, my dear mother made sure that I would remember that I am a Jew. Once, during prayers, I felt hopeless as I was not allowed to move, even after I wet myself. This time I was exploring a humiliating moment. The Sisters made me understand that I was different  I found it beneficial to escape by focusing my attention on the stained glass windows, on the rosette  and on the beautiful milky skin I caught glimpses of from beneath the blue and white habits the Sisters wore. It was my first love. “Yes,” I said to myself, “Christ did something good to the world.” When I saw the crucifix on the wall, I admired the craftsmanship.
Throughout history, many artists have taken up the subject of Christ, descending the Cross. As a painter in my twenties in Israel, I started painting an allegory of Christ. I never finished the work because I left for England, and my work was destroyed by a building contractor’s tractor. Only two preparatory oil paintings were saved. However, the topic of Christ followed me. Recently, I took up the challenge once again and came back to the subject. This time, I focused on a composition with the concept of how the cross was dismantled, resulting in The Builders Dismantling The Cross, presuming the body of Christ was taken down and away.
On the left is Lilith, dressed in red. She symbolizes the snake in the Garden of Eden. Here she sits on a swing while she tries to use her powers of seduction on the builders. However, because they are devoted to their work, they ignore her.


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